OCC Spring 2020 Semester
Chem 130

23 Feb 2020
To better coordinate the topics in lecture, lab, and skills classes, I am changing the order of some of the lecture topics.  So starting Monday (Feb 24), we will begin chapter 6 on chemical nomenclature, and then finish ch 3 and look at ch 4 on Wednesday.  Chapter 5 will probably be pushed back a week or two. 
I have published the Canvas site for the class, but there ain't much to see yet!  I'll be uploading some scores later today, and will arrange with Profs. Geragotelis and Piotrowski to have them upload your safety quiz scores.  My goal is to have all scores and grades reported in one place, the lecture module on Canvas.
22 Feb 2020
We will have a one-problem, 5-minute quiz on dimensional analysis and unit conversion in the skills classes this week.  A very good place to review and practice is the Skills Workbook, pages 14-16.  You can also start to work on more nomenclature material, especially memorizing the polyatomic ions at the lower right of the memorization sheet.  For each ion, like PO43-, you need to know the formula (PO4), the charge (-3), and the name (phosphate).  This is why I gave you the flashcards!
More important messages tomorrow (Sunday), so check back then!
14 Feb 2020
WileyPlus hw assignments have been updated (ch 2 extended, ch 3 assigned).
BTW, I noticed that not all students in the class have subscribed to WileyPlus.  I encourage evryone to do so!  Not only is the online hw worth 10% of your grade, it provides good practice come exam time.
A couple reminders: I will provide a periodic table (no names!) and temperature conversion formulas on the test, but I will not provide the density formula (d = m/V) or the percent composition formula (% composition = (part/whole)*100%.)
13 Feb 2020
Exam 1 study topics and the Scantron you need for the exam are posted below under 'Test Prep.'
I will post Chapter 3 WileyPlus homework later today, and also change the Chapter 2 due date to Monday night instead of Sunday.
9 Feb 2020
Chapter 3 lecture notes have been posted.  WileyPlus homework for chapter 2 has been posted at the WileyPlus website.  Lots of questions!  Do some every day!  First lab this week; complete and submit the 'Measurements' pre-lab assignment to be allowed to do lab.  I also reccommend bringing the rest of the pre-lab for reference.
  Don't forget your goggles!  And bring a pen, pencil, and calculator to lab.
Finally, we'll have a short quiz at the beginning of the skills class on element names and symbols from the memorization sheet: 5 symbols to names, and 5 names to symbols.
2 Feb 2020
Prelabs have been posted at the bottom of this page.  The first WileyPlus homework (Chapter 1) has been assigned.  Canvas page has not been published yet; waiting for the scores from this week's Safety Quiz.  Here is an information page on ordering safety goggles for lab since the bookstore may take too long.  If you get reimbursed only for purchases from the bookstore, contact me.  You must have your safety goggles starting the third week!

Old Messages

email me at rfrechen@occ.cccd.edu


Stuff to Memorize
Nomenclature Flashcards
Safety Rules

Test Prep

Exam 1 topics
Scantron for lecture exams  (you'll need four of these for the semester)

Skills Advice

Reading/Note Taking          Studying          Problem Solving          Taking Exams          Time Management
Polya classic advice on solving problems; useful for Chem 130, to graduate school, to infinity, and beyond!

Lecture Notes

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 06    Yes-we are going out of order!
Chapter 04




Print out and answer questions before lab. You cannot start lab without handing in the completed questions page.  You should bring bring the entire pre-lab to the lab for reference

Periodic Trends
Chem Reactions